Osteoporosis associated with pregnancy

This information is not for women who have low bone density for reasons such as anorexia nervosa or other conditions and are pregnant.

With osteoporosis associated with pregnancy, fractures usually occur in the spine or, occasionally, the hip and result in pain and disability. These broken bones heal in the normal way and, usually, women recover and return to their previous quality of life.

However, when bones break, it can be frightening and confusing for the women affected and their families. If pregnancy-associated osteoporosis has affected you, then you may have a number of questions in your mind. Why did my bones lose strength and break? Should I have a medical treatment? Can I have more babies? Should I breastfeed? How can I prevent this happening in another pregnancy? Will I be affected by osteoporosis and fractures when I am older?

Having a baby should be a joyous time and the information in the booklet below will try to answer these questions for you and help you to move forward and enjoy your new baby.

Karen and her daughter share their osteoporosis in pregnancy story.

Lin-Lee shares her story of how she was affected by osteoporosis and back pain in pregnancy.

Trisha shares her story with Sarah regarding her back pain in pregnancy and osteoporosis.

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Pregnancy and Osteoporosis Booklet

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