Rare types of osteoporosis

There are several unusual types of osteoporosis. In some ways they are similar to the general form of osteoporosis but they also have some differences in terms of symptoms, consequences and treatments.

Osteoporosis in Children

There is an unusual condition in young children called ‘idiopathic juvenile osteoporosis’ in which broken bones occur following minor levels of trauma without an apparent underlying problem. Sometimes, osteoporosis in children occurs because of other factors such as use of glucocorticoid steroids, brittle bone disease (osteogenesis imperfecta) or because a child is immobile. For more information see our Factsheets Osteoporosis in children and osteogenesis imperfecta.

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Osteoporosis associated with pregnancy

This is a rare condition when bones, usually in the spine or hip, break easily during or after pregnancy.

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Transient migratory osteoporosis

This is a rare condition that can cause chronic pain and is associated with sudden loss of bone density, usually in a hip. This is unlike ‘ordinary’ osteoporosis, which is only painful when broken bones have occurred. The pain goes away eventually but sometimes recurs in another part of the body. Referral to a pain clinic may be necessary to help with the difficult pain problems associated with this condition.