What is osteopenia?

If our bone density is between the lower end of the normal range and the ‘osteoporosis’ range, we are said to have ‘osteopenia’.

Osteopenia will usually be diagnosed through a bone density scan. 

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Bone density tells us about the 'quantity' of bone tissue in the area measured and contributes to our overall bone strength. 'Quality' of bone tissue also contributes to overall bone strength although it is not so easily measured. It is the combination of the quantity and quality of our bone tissue that makes up our overall bone strength.

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Osteopenia treatment

Most people who are diagnosed with osteopenia are recommended to consider some lifestyle changes in the first instance to help keep their bones strong and help reduce the chances of their bone density dropping to within the osteoporosis range in the future.

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In most cases of osteopenia, a drug treatment is not needed.

Sometimes, someone within the ‘osteopenic’ range who has broken a bone very easily may be advised to have a drug treatment as they will be considered to have a higher risk of breaking a bone.

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