The National Training Scheme for Bone Densitometry

The National Training Scheme for Bone Densitometry is the only course that offers Certification in Bone Densitometry for healthcare professionals or clinical scientists.

About the National Training Scheme for Bone Densitometry (NTSBD)

The National Training Scheme for Bone Densitometry (NTSBD) consists of a two-day lecture course on 'Bone Densitometry in Osteoporosis Assessment and Management'. This is followed (at a later date) by an online examination and portfolio submission process, successful completion of which leads to Certification in Bone Densitometry providing operators with proof of their competence to perform bone densitometry measurements.

The training scheme is approved by The College of Radiographers and The British Institute of Radiology. The Royal College of Physicians has awarded 12 CDP credits for attendance at the 2 day lecture course (6 credits per day). 

About the Lecture Course

The two day lecture course is relevant to all health professionals with an interest in osteoporosis and fragility fractures, e.g. physicians, nurses, radiographers, technologists and clinical scientists, and aims to improve the standards in bone densitometry practice across the UK. Attendance enables eligible candidates to apply for Certification in Bone Densitometry, which involves passing an online examination and submitting a portfolio of work demonstrating their proficiency in bone densitometry.

The two day course is delivered by experts in the field of osteoporosis and includes lectures and workshops.


Please note that the 2018 Lecture Course took place in March and registration for the next course, which will take place in Autumn 2019, is not yet open. 

About the exam

Candidates who have attended the two day lecture course will have the option to sit the National Training Scheme for Bone Densitometry online examination at a regional exam centre.

The exam is made up of three modules: Core Clinical, Core Technical, and the DXA/pDXA Specialist module. All modules will include some radiation protection questions at the level of knowledge expected.

There are 30 questions for each module and you will have 30 minutes to complete your answers for each module.

About the Portfolio

The purpose of the portfolio is to demonstrate your understanding and practical ability in bone densitometry across four sections:

  • SECTION 1 - Quality Control (QC) - To evidence your understanding of QC procedures & processes and examine your technique.
  • SECTION 2 - Scan Technique - To evidence the accuracy and consistency of your scan technique, to include patient positioning,scan acquisition and scan analysis.
  • SECTION 3 - The Scan Print-Out - To evidence your knowledge and understanding of all the information presented on a scan print-out.
  • SECTION 4 - In Depth Case Studies - To evidence your deeper knowledge and understanding of bone densitometry in clinical practice, including how results are interpreted and applied.

The portfolio provides evidence that shows safe and effective practice in quality assurance procedures, patient positioning, scan acquisition and scan analysis. It is also to demonstrate your depth of understanding of the information shown on scan print-outs, the interpretation and the application of bone densitometry results.

Useful dates

  • Exam: 11 September 2018
  • Exam Results: 25 September 2018
  • Portfolio submission: 22 February 2019
  • Portfolio Results: w/c 12 August 2019

2018 Fees

Lecture Course 2018

One day (Monday or Tuesday)


Whole course – 2 days


Whole course – 2 days + B&B accommodation on site*


Certification in Bone Densitometry 2018

Examination + portfolio


Re-sit examination


Portfolio re-submission


*Includes 1 night B&B accommodation. Additional nights available at £100 per night.

Registration fees are payable by credit card or by requesting an invoice (UK delegates only). Places are only guaranteed on receipt of payment. Registration is non-transferable.

Delegates arriving at the lecture course with any fees partially or fully outstanding will be asked to present a debit or credit card as either payment or guarantee of payment. Where a card is provided as guarantee of payment, this will be charged 1 month following the lecture course, if outstanding fees have not been settled via an alternative method. Admittance to the lecture course will not be permitted without prior payment of fees or without debit or credit card guarantee. Individuals are therefore strongly advised to seek proof of payment from their organisations prior to arrival and to bring this to the lecture course.


All cancellations must be made in writing.

• Cancellations of > 21 days notice will be given an 80% refund
• Cancellations of 21 days days or less - no refund will be payable. 

In the unlikely event that the National Osteoporosis Society shall deem it necessary to cancel the lecture course, all pre-paid registration fees will be reimbursed in full. The National Osteoporosis Society shall not be liable for reimbursing the cost of travel or accommodation arrangements made by individuals.

Supporting materials for Candidates

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