Best Practice Tariff for Hip Fracture

The Best Practice Tariff (BPT) for hip fracture was launched in April 2010 to incentivise delivery of the hip fracture component of the Department of Health Prevention Package for Older People.

  • Surgery within 36 hours
  • Shared care by surgeon and geriatrician
  • Care protocol agreed by geriatrician, surgeon and anaesthetist
  • Pre/post operative cognitive function assessment
  • Perioperative assessment by geriatrician
  • Geriatrician-led multidisciplinary rehabilitation
  • Secondary prevention including falls and bone health assessment

BPT has led to dramatic improvements in the numbers of hip fracture patients receiving best practice care, from only 24% of patients at the initiation of the scheme, to 60% in the most recent data gathered.

In 2013-14 the differential between best practice and standard care will remain the same as that in 2012-13 at £1,335. The differential has been achieved by lowering the base tariff by the increased additional payment, so that the level of the BPT is the same each year but payment for spells not meeting best practice has reduced. Pbr Guidance 2013-2014