Fracture Liaison Services

Fracture Liaison Services (FLS) successfully, and cost-efficiently, case-find patients with fragility fractures who are at risk of osteoporosis.

FLS Clinical Standards

The FLS Clinical Standards provide the core standards that every FLS should meet to ensure that correct identification, investigation, information, intervention and integration with primary care are achieved, within a framework of quality, to the long-term benefit of fracture patients - the 5IQ approach

By adopting these standards, evidence-based best practice can be replicated effectively across the UK to reduce the burden of fractures while improving outcomes for patients and ensuring appropriate use of NHS resources.

FLS Clinical Standards

FLS Implementation Toolkit

The FLS Implementation Toolkit has been developed by the National Osteoporosis Society, with support from relevant professional bodies, to support health professionals and commissioners to set up or improve an FLS.

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FLS Implementation Workshop

If you’re interested in setting up or improving an FLS and would like the opportunity to prepare your business case alongside experts and learn what commissioners need, then please sign up to an FLS Implementation Workshop.

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FLS Champions' Network

FLS Case Studies

Exemplar services

FLSs have traditionally been based in secondary care but an alternative model has been developed in primary care. Regardless of the setting, it is recommended that all localities commission an FLS following evidence-based models either for acute-based services or primary care-based services.

This section provides a description of services based in each of these settings.