Would you like a Peer Review of your Osteoporosis Services?

The National Osteoporosis Society (NOS) supports the development and improvement of osteoporosis and fracture liaison services (FLS) by undertaking peer reviews with a panel of clinical experts.

What is peer review?

Peer review provides a means of assessing clinical care against agreed standards. It addresses the agendas of clinical governance, practitioner revalidation, and service development, with a view to facilitating all UK centres to develop a quality assured level of care for patients with osteoporosis. The peer review team is multi-disciplinary and consists of volunteer clinical representatives from some or all of the following specialities: rheumatology, endocrinology, orthogeriatrics, osteoporosis/fracture liaison nursing, DXA radiography and other relevant health professionals, who will act in an advisory capacity.

The Process

Peer review is voluntary; the first step is to register your interest and to complete an application form. The request must be approved and supported by senior management of the Trust to be visited.

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The peer review visit will take place over 1 day, during which the review team will evaluate and appraise osteoporosis service provision against basic standards; where a Fracture Liaison Service is present, this will also be included. Visits will form the basis for an exchange of ideas and experiences and allow areas of concern to be explored. Areas of excellent practice will be highlighted and potential for further development will be recommended.

A final written report will be produced following the visit, which will highlight examples of best practice, matters for consideration and recommendations for further development. The report will be supportive, but will highlight any areas of concern. The report will be confidential, and the final version will be sent to the Lead Clinician of the centre and the National Osteoporosis Society. No other party without the express permission of the Lead Clinician will have access to the report, though anonymised data from peer-reviewed centres may be used or presented by the National Osteoporosis Society. Those reviewed will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the review process. The recommendations of the peer reviewers will not be legally or otherwise binding for the clinical team being peer reviewed or the Trust.

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  • Equality of patient access to best care across the UK
  • Sharing of best practice and bringing together disparate specialities to unify thinking in osteoporosis
  • Empowerment of clinicians, ensuring that clinical teams’ voices are heard to help shape the future development and delivery of their service
  • Identifying service improvement opportunities
  • Providing detailed reports which can be used to support commissioning and business cases
  • Assessing against UK standards in DXA reporting, FLS & risk assessment
  • Gathering data on a national level.

What our reviewees say:

We have already been reviewed and thanks to the NOS peer review we now have a commissioned FLS due to start 1/4/17. I believe it would be worthwhile to have a further review in the next 2-3 years.

What our reviewers say:

All in all, I can only have positive thoughts about my peer review experience, I didn’t think I was ‘qualified’ to be a reviewer but of course I am, and sharing and learning from each other can only benefit those who take part.

Interested in becoming a reviewer?

If you work clinically in any aspect of delivering osteoporosis, bone health or fracture liaison services, then peer review is a great opportunity to develop your skills, professional development and build relationships. It’s also a great addition to your CV. To get a better picture of what ‘a day in the life of a reviewer’ is like you can read the article from the Osteoporosis Review by one of our reviewers Jill Griffin.

Read the article

Register your interest

If you would like to register your interest to receive a review, or to become a reviewer, please complete the forms online or contact: Anne Thurston on: 01761 473254 or email: a.thurston@nos.org.uk