Winners: Spring 2016 

1st Prize £3,000
Mrs P Garrett from Devon, Ticket no 115654

2nd Prize £1,000
Mrs A Longstaff from Crewe, Ticket no 88065

3rd Prize £250
Mrs M O'Donnell from Glasgow, Ticket no 1459

Bonus winners £50

Mr G Rowlands from Llanelli, Ticket no 350087
Mrs P Fryer from Dorset, Ticket no 321839
Mrs C Cruddas from Hampshire, Ticket no 36484
Mrs R Powell from Swansea, Ticket no 112132
Mrs R Smith from Dorset, Ticket no 36636

Winners: Christmas 2015 

The Christmas Raffle draw took place on the 11th December and the lucky winners were:

1st Prize £3,000
Mr and Mrs Bentley from Redcar, Ticket no 215761

2nd Prize £1,000
Ms Witherow from Brighton, Ticket no 45497

3rd Prize £250
Mrs Adkins from Essex, Ticket no 698950

Bonus winners £50

Mrs Allison from Leicester, Ticket no 538173
Mrs Lee from Conwy, Ticket no 276279
Mrs Payne from Folkestone, Ticket no 754861
Mrs Findlay from Perhead, Ticket no 223060
Mrs Wilson from Surrey, Ticket no 48603