Corporate Partnerships

We work hard to match the needs of Health Professional Partners by providing opportunities to connect with your target market – from our extensive network of health professionals to our 25,000 strong membership base.

The funds raised through the National Osteoporosis Society’s Health Professional Partnerships help us to provide information and support to people with osteoporosis, raise awareness to increase the understanding of the condition, help fund medical research into the condition and allow us to develop and deliver innovative projects to improve the treatment and diagnosis of osteoporosis.

By joining our Health Professional Partnership Programme as a Bone Innovator, Bone Network, Bone Industry Associate or Bone Industry Partner you will:

  • Benefit from a recognised charity-corporate alliance with the National Osteoporosis Society
  • Show a public demonstration of your organisation's commitment to bone health
  • Gain a valuable insight into our work programmes, projects and forthcoming plans
  • Be able to attend networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities
  • Build Trust with your customers, clients and employees

Find out More

Would you like your company to work in partnership with the National Osteoporosis Society? We would be delighted to explore ways of working with your company. For further information, please contact the Corporate Partnerships team at