Flower Appeal 2018

Join us to celebrate the lives of those who lived with osteoporosis, by dedicating a Celebration of Life flower.

Dedicate a flower to celebrate the life of a treasured loved one, or all who lived with osteoporosis.

Dedicate a flower

It is estimated that in the UK, there are more than 500,000 broken bones a year caused by osteoporosis. The pain they cause can be unbearable.

Besides the pain, osteoporosis and broken bones can have a life-changing impact on those with the condition. The fear of breaking a bone can be paralysing, often making people feel isolated and unable to continue the life they enjoyed before.

After a painful broken bone...

...85% of people are worried they will break again.

1 in 3 people who break a bone...

...see friends and relatives less than they used to.

My mother suffered horrendously with osteoporosis. I always remember the way she fought to keep her independence, despite being in pain.

Osteoporosis is such a horrible disease. That’s why we need to come together and take action, so we can end this kind of suffering for good.

- Helen, Inverness

You can help build a brighter future, where fewer people have to suffer the pain of broken bones.

You can make a difference today, by donating and dedicating a flower. Celebrate the life of a treasured loved one, or all who lived with osteoporosis.

  • £25 could fund 156 printed publications, helping people with osteoporosis learn about good bone health, and how they can lower their risk of painful broken bones.
  • £50 could fund 135 free calls to our Helpline, helping people with osteoporosis get the information they need to confidently manage their condition and continue the lifestyle they enjoy.
  • £100 could fund attendance at a workshop for four doctors, meaning more people with osteoporosis can be diagnosed and treated, helping to reduce the number of painful broken bones in future.

Celebration of Life garden has now closed. Don't worry though, you can still dedicate a flower if you wish. And, you and your family will still be able to see your dedication in our virtual Celebration of Life garden on our website.

How to dedicate a flower

To dedicate a flower, all we ask is a donation to cover the cost of the flower and to support the work of the charity.

Our ornamental flowers are made to last, so your dedication can live on. If you wish, you can choose to keep your dedicated flower. You can dedicate a flower to keep by covering the £5 cost of postage.

You will have the chance to share your dedication with us, once you have made your donation.

Donate & dedicate a flower

Make a donation

Donate & dedicate a flower to keep

Make a donation

If you prefer to donate over the phone, please call our friendly supporter team on 01761 473287.