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Celebrating the lives of all who lived with osteoporosis

"I have osteoporosis and would like to see more research to help future generations.

I had my first vertebrate break in my 70’s but I have just heard of a woman who is in her 30’s but has the bones of an eighty year old.

I would like to believe research will eventually help those who get the condition when they are young and face long years of suffering."

Jane Hedley


Celebrating the life of Beatrice Diett

"My lovely mum, all my love, Jillie."

Jill Arthur


Celebrating the life of Mary-Jo Wood

"For my Mum, who was a positive force of fun and life."

Heather Chisholm


Celebrating the lives of all who lived with osteoporosis

Eleanor Soar


Celebrating the life of Laura Iris Smith

"For Mum, with love."

Hilary Evans


Celebrating the lives of all who lived with osteoporosis

Kathleen Thorpe


Celebrating the life of James Greally

"James was my beloved husband. He died suddenly, traumatically and without warning.

I miss him so much, half of me has gone. Words cannot describe the sense of desolation and loneliness that he has left in my heart.

To be able to do something on his behalf,no matter how small, gives me the feeling that I can still be part of his life."

Hilary Greally


Celebrating the life of a loved one

"To my Gran and everyone who has and is suffering with this terrible condition. God bless you x"

Laura Morrison


Celebrating the life of Joan Kenyon

"29 May 1926 - 4 December 2015"

Jayne Singleton


Celebrating the life of Margaret Luckman

"My mother's dearest wish was to be remembered. She is remembered. She will not be forgotten."

Rose Luckman


Celebrating the life of Ruth Winterbone

"In memory of my mother, Ruth Winterbone, who suffered so much with osteoporosis."



Celebrating the life of Alice Davies

"Alice suffered from osteoporosis and was helped by new drug treatments that came from research with the help of the osteoporosis society."

Glenys Davies


Celebrating the lives of all who lived with osteoporosis

"With the help of the National Osteoporosis Society, and the medical profession and self help, I have overcome osteoporosis and now only have osteopoenia.

It took 18 years to do so but I did it and now look forward to an active healthy old age. I am now 73 and was diagnosed when I was around 50.

It is a disease you can do something about. About half my success was an active lifestyle with daily walking, weekly badminton, weight lifting and Scottish dancing and taking the medication prescribed by excellent rheumatologists."

Carole Binbrek


Celebrating the life of Margaret Ball

"She bore the awful burden of a back bent double with cheerfulness and grace, and was a treasured member of our local committee."

Lynne Adams


Celebrating the life of Wendy

"To the memory of my Mum. Best mum, best friend and best wise owl. Always kind and dignified despite her pain Xxxx"

Caroline Mitchell-Heggs


Celebrating the life of Joyce Wallace

Mr John Wallace


Celebrating the life of Jean Walker Gravestock

Helen Papachristos


Celebrating the life of Audrey Elizabeth Beasley

"For my wonderful Mum, with love, Margaret"

Margaret Goodwin


Celebrating the life of Fay MacKenzie

"13 years ago on the 4th of June since you left me, Mum. The void you left behind can never be filled. Love you. Heather x"

Heather Anderson


Celebrating the life of Edna Cock

Dr Mary Stewart


Celebrating the life of Pamela Todd

"Forget me not for I’m still here
Though it seems I’m far away,
Forgot me not for I’m still with you
Each and every day.

I've watched you cry it hurts me so
The pain you have is real,
If only I could let you know
That's exactly how I feel.  

So forget me not you're in my heart
My love you've always got,
And until we meet again I’ll say
My love, forget me not."

Simon Todd


Celebrating the life of a loved one



Celebrating the life of Ivy Finch

"I miss you."

Janice Norris


Celebrating the life of Ceinwen Evans

"My lovely Mummy, 

I now fully understand the pain you suffered after your fractures, having now had 3 vertebral fractures myself.

You dealt with the pain with bravery and courage, never complaining. I so admire you.

I miss you very much and pray that I may deal with my own pain with as much grace and strength as you did. 

Diana xxx"

Diana Cubbin


Celebrating the life of Margaret Kilburn

"Celebrating the life of our lovely mother, Margaret Kilburn, who endured osteoporosis with stoicism."

Amanda and Leonie

Celebrating the life of Patricia Ross

"For a caring & loving Mum who was inspirational in the way she dealt with osteoporosis."

Joan & Steven England

Celebrating the life of Hilda May Pearson

"Celebrating the life of Hilda May Pearson, 20/9/1920 - 26/9/2011. Beloved mum and grandma, a veteran of Bletchley Park. "

Gillian Corbitt

Celebrating the life of Marjorie Rees

"For my lovely mum, my best friend, my inspiration for life. All my love, Shirley xx"

Shirley Cook

Celebrating the life of Vivienne Bysshe

"Constantly courageous in the face of a crual disease (osteoporosis). A true heroine."

Janette Bysshe

Celebrating the life of Angela Morris

"To the best mother in the world."

Wendy Morris

Celebrating the life of Jean Chapman

Brenda Dow

Celebrating the life of Jay Hunt

"Love and miss you always."

Catherine Hunt

Celebrating the life of Ken & Creda Osborne

"In memory of mum and dad, who suffered with osteoporsis. Loved and remembered always."

Ceri Osborne

Celebrating the life of Margaret Turner

Jenny Turner

Celebrating the life of Jean Barnsdale

"Much loved and missed."

Richard Barnsdale

Celebrating the life of Barbara Winters

Maurice Winters

Celebrating the life of Hilda Denne

"Always in our thoughts."

Leslie Denne

Celebrating the life of Bert Epps

"My husband, so missed by all who knew him, especially me!!"

Doreen Epps

Celebrating the life of Anette Dulieu

"Free from pain."

Terence Dulieu

Celebrating the life of Glenys Cartwright

"Remembered every day."

Leslie Cartwright

Celebrating the life of Thelma Collis

"Memories of you will bloom forever in my heart."

Clare Bunston

Celebrating the life of Mary Malcolm Smith Petrovic

Mari Beagrie


Celebrating the life of Barbara Ellen Mabel Challen

"To my beautiful mum, Barbara Ellen Mabel Challen 24/11/1927 - 10/11/2018. Although my heart is broken, I am glad you are no longer in pain or suffering. You were so strong for many years and never gave up trying. I miss your voice so much it hurts. I won't say goodbye but "wait for me Mum." Thank you for being such a wonderful, kind and loving mother and grandmother. I love you now and forever. Your daughter, Lorraine. X "

Lorraine Challen-Johnson


Celebrating the life of Joan Stalder

"We are strong women because a strong, extraordinary woman raised us. Thank you, Mum. We miss you. Love you xxxx"

Louise & Theresa


Celebrating the life of a loved one



Celebrating the lives of all who lived with osteoporosis

Barbara Nisbet


Celebrating the life of Norah Day, my mother

Margaret Jarman


Celebrating the life of Sheelagh Fife

Helen Critchley


Celebrating the life of Vera M Haney

"In memory of my beloved Mum, forever in my heart. 💕"

Wendy Smith


Celebrating the life of Betty Dunkley

"In memory of my beloved and much missed Mum, Betty Dunkley of Leicestershire."

Stephanie Dunkley


Celebrating the lives of all who lived with osteoporosis

Irene Collister


Celebrating the life of Billie Sherlock

Catherine Blackfeather


Celebrating the life of Eveline Rogers

"Eveline was the third generation of her family to develop osteoporosis. When she died, in 2013 aged 98, she had shrunk from 5ft to 4ft 3ins but although her last years were a tremendous struggle, I never once heard her complain.

She was an inspiration for our whole family and we miss her every single day."

Elizabeth Spallanzani


Celebrating the life of Dear Aunt Jane, who suffered greatly in the 1950's

"Thank you to all the people helping to develop medication to control and hopefully one day eradicate this disease. Also a big thank you to all medical staff who help sufferers to cope and live with osteoporosis. I being one of them."

Jennifer Hinett


Celebrating the life of Olga Mclaren

"Remembering my mother who suffered a lot of pain from osteoporosis. I also have the condition but hopefully have treatment earlier than my mother received."

Janet El Mikatti


Celebrating the lives of all who lived with osteoporosis

Penny McQuaker


Celebrating the life of May Barrow

"In memory of my mother, who was a National Osteoporosis Society member for many years, and loved to garden."

Dorothy Banton


Celebrating the life of Mrs Connie Pugh

Joanne Butler


Celebrating the life of Mrs Isabella Naisby

"This is for my Mum Who died on the 4th June 2014, much loved and not forgotten."

Mrs Janice Sraj


Celebrating the life of Mary Collard

"Remembered by the family, especially Deborah and Emma (daughter and granddaughter)."

Deborah Dance


Celebrating the life of Majorie Leigh 

"To all those who live and have lived with osteoporosis"

Georgina Wathan


Celebrating the life of Margaret Haxell

Nicky Haxell


Celebrating the lives of all who lived with osteoporosis

Thelma Brightwell


Celebrating the lives of all who lived with osteoporosis

Alison Anag


Celebrating the life of Nessie Deeney

Aileen Deeney


Celebrating the life of Eileen Mary Morgan

"I thank God for your Life my beloved Mother.

You were brave and you were strong, in spirit and mind, if not in bone strength.

You loved a lot and were dearly loved.

You bore the pain and lived your life and I thank for the example of how to live mine at 68 with severe osteoporosis.

We must stay strong together to understand and overcome this illness.......and we will!"

Jennifer George


Celebrating the lives of all who lived with osteoporosis

Carol Menlove


Celebrating the life of Barbara Dickson

"Walking through the tall grasses; daisies, poppies and cornflowers all around; tending your plants in the sunshine, feeling the warmth; resting in your heavenly garden; loved by the four of us: Jenny, Dilly, P and Jane xxxx"

Dilly Brownlow

Celebrating the life of Izzy & Len Rudd

Julia Rudd

Celebrating the life of Marie Waters

"In memory of a lovely Mum & Nanny who we miss everyday. Lots of Love Pat, Rhianne & Gareth xxx"

Patricia Stevens

Celebrating the life of Gwendolyn Fisher

Janet Pickering

Celebrating the life of Margaret Sandy

"Always look up and you will find the stars."

Lynda Phillips

Celebrating the life of Otti Wallington

Gillian Appleby

Celebrating the life of Ilsedore Hare

"Thank you for all the happy times we spent together. Missing you so much."

Mary Hare

Celebrating the life of Bryan Bulmer

Gillian Bulmer

Celebrating the life of Dorothy Westbrook

"Many happy memories, much missed and often thought of."

Janice Deadman

Celebrating the life of Dorothy Bentley

"Mum, we miss you. Kate, Jane, Hazel, Julie and Martin."

Hazel Bentley

Celebrating the life of Eileen Sharp

Jan Hancock

Celebrating the life of Winifred Forbes

S L Bathgate

Celebrating the life of Lily Lisney

"Mum, always in my thoughts."

Paula Arnold

Celebrating the life of Raj Kapila

"Dear Raj - forever. Miss you at all times. Love - Love - Love - om."

Avinash Kapila

Celebrating the life of Norman & Jean Wormall

"In memory of my parents, Norman and Jean Wormall, lovingly remembered, never forgotten."

Anne Rolfe

Celebrating the life of Ira Chalmers

"Precious memories."

Robert Chalmers

Celebrating the life of Vera Collins

Judy White

Celebrating the life of Edwin John Chapman

Norma Rees

Celebrating the life of my lovely mum

"Mum, I miss & love you so much.....it will be 2 years 30 June since you passed away.....you are in my thoughts daily.

Love always,


Lee-Anne.....grand daughter

Tony.........Lee-Annes husband

Dan.......great grandson."

Sue King