Leave a gift in your will

We have made substantial breakthroughs into the cause, diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis. 

Thanks to your support we have been working tirelessly towards the day when no one has to suffer the misery of fragility fractures. Today, in spite of our progress, there is still much more to do. Your support already helps those living with osteoporosis today, ensuring our vital services can continue. A gift in your will can help thousands more into the future. 

Why leave a gift in your will

With your help, we can ensure a future free from fragility fractures

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Executors and Solicitors

Useful information when administrating a will that includes a gift to the charity

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Real stories

Find out why Terry and Horace have included a gift in their will

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Your intentions

If you are leaving a legacy, or intend to, you will be giving us the chance to thank you for your kindness.

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Useful information on making a will for the first time, or updating an existing will



Frequently asked questions about leaving a gift in a will to the National Osteoporosis Society

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