Support us on a special occasion

Party time!

Whether it be a retirement party, graduation, mother's day or bar mitzvah, why not ask family and friends to celebrate your special occasion with a donation to the National Osteoporosis Society? You can celebrate your day knowing that you are supporting those with osteoporosis manage their condition and take control of their lives.

Another way to help those suffering from osteoporosis as well as letting your guests know you appreciate them, is by giving them one of our specially designed, daisy pin badges. This token will remind your guests of your special day whenever they wear it and let them know that someone with osteoporosis has receive support because of your gift. 

Order your party favours

If you choose to give in celebration then we can send you materials to make your party extra special. For more information or to request collection envelopes or other materials contact Georgia on or 01761 473121.

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