Dedicate a star. Share the memory. Change a life.

Share the memory of your star at Christmas.

Every Christmas, you can dedicate a star in memory of a loved one while helping those living with - or at risk of - osteoporosis. 

Our Star Appeal runs from November to Christmas, to help celebrate the happy memories of those no longer with us. By dedicating a star and making a kind donation, you can help those living with osteoporosis today. Dedicated stars are displayed on a special Christmas tree at our Head Office in Camerton, near Bath.

More information about our 2018 Star Appeal will be available later in the year. Alternatively, you can contact Georgia on 01761 473120 or to find out more about our Star Appeal and In Memory giving today.

My mother, Molly, suffered very severely from osteoporosis and shrunk from 6 feet tall to 5 foot 3. Despite the agony she must have been going through, she remained brave, cheerful and loving. I have many fond memories of her making me laugh and lifting my spirits when she must have been suffering. - Helen remembers her mother, Molly.