Remember your loved one this Christmas

You can dedicate a star, and support those living with osteoporosis today.

Bring the memory of your star home this Christmas.

Dedicate your star

Christmas is the perfect time to honour the memory of someone you love by giving help to those who need it most today.

No one should have to go through the pain and fear caused by osteoporosis alone, especially at Christmas. By dedicating a star in memory of someone who was a star during their lifetime, you can help to support those living with osteoporosis today. 

To dedicate a star, all we ask is a donation to support the work of the charity. Your personalised wooden star will then decorate our memorial Christmas tree in your loved one's memory.

If you wish, once the memorial tree is taken down you can receive your star in the post, home in time for Christmas.

You can also display a dedication on our virtual Christmas tree, so family and friends can share your tribute and cherish their memory, wherever they may be. This year, the virtual Christmas tree is on Instagram, making it even easier for you to share your special star with family and friends. You don't need an Instagram account to visit the tree but, if you do, you can submit your username with your dedication, to be tagged alongside your star.

Dedicate your star

To dedicate your star, all you need to do is:

  • Click the 'dedicate your star' button
  • Make your donation
  • Once you've donated, you'll be invited to complete your dedication form

On your dedication form, you can tell us:

  • Who your star is dedicated to
  • Your tribute message, to be displayed on our virtual memorial Christmas tree
  • Whether you'd like to receive your star in the post

Honour the memory of someone you love, and give help to those who need it most today.

Dedicate your star
Memorial star

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