How you helped in 2015.

We've done it before. We can do it again.

In 2015, we asked supporters like you to help us get a Fracture Liaison Service in every UK hospital. This was so that people with osteoporosis are diagnosed as soon as they are treated for their first broken bone.

Your response was amazing

Thanks to your support, 21 brand new Fracture Liaison Services are already up and running. Over five years, these are estimated to have saved 2,456 people from suffering life-threatening hip fractures.

We are setting the international standard for Fracture Liaison Services, and currently we are working with a further 180 healthcare providers and commissioners across the UK.

This just goes to prove that, when we all pull together, we can achieve amazing things. So please will you save more people from the pain caused by broken bones by helping us put this new plan into action?

Give a gift to help us put our plan into action.


One in two women and one in five men, over the age of 50, are expected to break a bone because of osteoporosis. Many will go on to suffer more broken bones before they are diagnosed.

It simply has to stop at one.

Please give a gift to help if you possibly can. It’s vitally important that we get Stop at One information materials into fracture clinics and GP surgeries around the country as soon as possible. And especially in those areas where there is still no Fracture Liaison Service.

Give what you can to help stop the pain caused by unnecessary broken bones.