The 206 Challenge

We have 206 bones in our body, all of which play a vital role in letting us live our lives the way we want to, but we need your help to help those whose bones are not working as they should. We'd be delighted if you would support us by taking part in The 206 Challenge this year!

Exercise is important for everyone at all stages of their lives, and weight-bearing exercise like walking is particularly important for strengthening your bones. It is especially important for people with, or at risk of, osteoporosis which is why we're encouraging everyone to get outside, put their best foot forward and walk 206 miles to raise awareness and funds for the National Osteoporosis Society.

How you meet the 206 target is up to you. You could take on twenty 10.3 mile walks over the summer or get together with friends and family and split the target between all of you, or you could make some simple lifestyle changes like walking into town rather than getting the bus or getting off a stop early on your way to work, and see those miles add up.

You’re free to set your own fundraising target, but as a starting point why not aim for £1 for every mile! 

Getting started

Apart from decent footwear, and some waterproof clothing if you’re going off the beaten track, there’s very little you need to get going. Just make sure that you’re comfy and safe. If you're starting from scratch make sure to start with nice and easy, short walks over routes that are well marked. You can then work your way up to something more adventurous. 

206 miles in one go would be a bit much to ask, so spreading out the total over a number of weeks or months, or combining the totals of you and your friends will be a great way to rack up the miles. The easiest way to stay motivated is to make walking a habit and to add some variety to your activity.

If 206 miles sounds too much, then why not do 20.6 or 2.06 miles? Every step counts and every pound you raise will help us help more people with fragile bones.

Link your JustGiving page to The 206 Challenge and see how much everyone has raised!

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Resources for you

Below, you'll find loads of useful tools and tips to help you make the most out of your fundraising and help you hit your target. Simply click to download them, or request copies by completing the form below or calling 01761 473104. For information on exercising safely if you have osteoporosis click here

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The 206 Challenge Guide


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It was a great team effort walking up Mount Snowdon and an exhilarating experience. Walking is such a fun and sociable activity, and it’s free!

The Fracture Liaison Service team from Llandudno Hospital

Do you need anything else?

If you need some more materials to help you hit your targets simply fill in the form below and we'll get everything you need sent out to you.