The Winter Raffle 2017 has been drawn...

The Winter Raffle 2017 winners are...

Congratulations to the 2017 Winter Raffle winners:

1st prize, winner of £3,000, is Mrs B Partington from Hertfordshire (ticket no. 96189)

2nd prize, winner of £1,000, is Mr Morrison from Inverness (ticket no. 71103)

3rd prize, winner of £250, is Mrs Montagna from Leicestershire (ticket no. 4744)

And the runners-up, each winning £50:

  • Mrs Hobson from Essex (ticket no. 101624)
  • Mrs Burdekin from Cornwall (ticket no. 150337)
  • Mrs Lowe from Surrey (ticket no. 248595)
  • Mr Simonds from Winchester (ticket no. 131936)
  • Mrs Fincham from Southampton (ticket no. 144210)

The winners of the 2017 Spring Raffle were:

1st prize, winner of £3,000, is Mrs Wright from Johnstone (ticket no. 0267458)

2nd prize, winner of £1,000, is Miss Rees from Bridgend (ticket no. 0118547)

3rd prize, winner of £250, is N Barber from Swansea (ticket no. 0234275)

And the runners-up, each winning £50:

  • Miss Griffiths from Sheffield (ticket no. 0032293)
  • Mrs Owen from Didcot (ticket no. 0087111)
  • Mrs Tinsley from Turnbridge Wells (ticket no. 0023874)
  • Mrs Taylor, Wimborne (ticket no. 0124871)
  • Mrs Bothwell from Cromer (ticket no. 0307075)

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