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All Welcome National Osteoporosis Society Members £2, Visitors £3 per meeting. 

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For more information on this support group, please contact 07856 677370 or email: nos.hastings@yahoo.co.uk

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Chair: Edward Henderson FRCP

(Retired Rheumatology Consultant)

Secretary: Janet Turner

Treasurer: Sally Henderson

Fundraising/Publicity: Liz Jeffries

Team Members: Linda Burton & Marion Brazier

Medical Advisor: Dr Binodh C Bhaskaran MRCS MRCGP

Rheumatology Specialist Nurse Advisor: Elly Fielder 

Venue: unless otherwise stated: The White Rock Hotel, Hastings, TN34 1JU


Group Activities

Warming up for the Hastings Half Marathon On the 30th January 2016 Hastings & Area Osteoporosis support group were warming up for the Hastings Half Marathon which will take place on the 20th March 2016. Congratulations to runners Anton Zetterholm and John O'Toole who were presented with #LACEUPFORBONES laces.

Gill Tapp, Hastings & Area Group member won first prize in the Grand 15th Birthday Raffle, for a tour of the BBC South East Today Studios.

Janet Turner (secretary) accompanied Gill Tapp to the studios (Tunbridge Wells) and was met by Polly Evans, Co presenter of the South East Today News Programme. She showed Gill and Janet around the studios, taking in the cutting room, make-up, newsroom and studio. A quick stop at Radio Kent was also included. Then it was off to meet the stars of the show, Polly Evans and co presenter Rob Smith, together with weather girl Rachel Mackley, who gave them a good insight of the workings of the programme. The two Hastings members also spoke to Natalie Graham (reporter for the programme). After a cup of tea, it was off to the gallery to watch how the live show is put together.

Gill Tapp said "it is the best Raffle Prize I have ever won!!" It was a truly super day not to have missed!! 

Hastings Area Support Group: Asda

The Hastings and Area Support Group, was one of the “Nominate a Cause” charities for ASDA who would ask their customers to choose between three charities during the months of May & June.  You can imagine how thrilled the Group were when Janet Turner, Group Secretary attended the presentation at the end of the month to be told that they were in fact “The Chosen Charity” and presented with a cheque for £200.

Christmas Lunch 2017

Hastings Support group enjoying their Christmas lunch

A message from the Committee

The committee welcomes you to our 15th year of learning and companionship. We hope this programme will provide you with enjoyable and informative events. Thank you to all members and visitors who attend and contribute to our meetings.  The 2015 Strawberry tea was a particular delight, with a large attendance  and the Hydro Pool session was so greatly appreciated by participants and trainers that there is realistic hope  of regular sessions being set up for people with Osteoporosis in need of gentler exercise than  sweating it out in a Gym! 

Throughout 2016, your committee will continue to perform a triad of functions on behalf of people at risk of or with Osteoporosis: Fundraising to support NOS work nationally and in our area, Awareness raising of Osteoporosis prevention and management in our locality and Advocacy for service development within East Sussex Health Trust. We receive great advice and support from the NOS, especially through our Regional Development Manager, Stella Scrivener. We also have a champion for our cause at the Conquest - Rheumatology Nurse Specialist, Elly Fielder. We are fortunate that Amber Rudd, now a Right Hon. Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, is kindly continuing to be our patron.

We have good relationships with the Community Care Group and East Sussex Health Trust commissioning managers for services related to Osteoporosis and hope to see progress with the services of Falls and Fracture Prevention, Fracture Liaison and DEXA scan facility for our area.  Healthwatch, Better Together and other patient advocacy groups are also being approached in the hope that this will help push not only for the right working environment to attract a Consultant Rheumatologist, to the still vacant post at The Conquest, but to support more coordinated and shared Osteoporosis care.    With best wishes and looking forward to seeing you all again, Margit, Janet, Sally & Barbara                


Diet & Osteoporosis talk given by Lesley Houston on the 3rd of April

Lesley showing members what foods are rich in calcium and the amount we require each day.

The group’s first meeting of the year was held at its new venue, The White Rock Hotel. Members were treated to a very informative talk on “Diet & Osteoporosis” given by Lesley Houston, Senior Dietician.

Members quote; “Lesley is an excellent Speaker and certainly clarified various things I have queried before”.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon, which was round off with tea & biscuits.  

Hydro Session – April 2017

Memebers enjoying a taster session at the local Hydro pool

 After nearly two years of planning the end is near for regular Hydro Pool session for Hastings members.


Link to The Foot & Osteoporosis – May 2017







Supporting Bones Health: The role of exercise in Osteoporosis - July 2017


A really packed meeting with three interesting talks given by: - Dr Carol McCrum, Consultant Physiotherapist, Anna Carter, Clinical Lead MSK Aquatic Physiotherapist and Sally Goldup, Fracture Liaison Specialist Nurse.

Dr Mc Crum gave an overview of osteoporosis including diet, drugs and how exercise is important, in preventing fractures, reducing pain, increasing muscle strength, improving balance, your sense of wellbeing, cognitive (brain) function and maintaining/improving posture. Added to which, it helps reduce the risk of falls and retaining bone strength.

Adults should be doing 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity at least five days a week. They should also undertake physical activity to improve muscle strength on at least two days a week. Older adults (over the age of 65) who are at risk of falls should also incorporate specific exercise to improve balance and co-ordination on at least two days a week and reduce the amount of time spent being sedentary (sitting) for extended periods.

Always consult your doctor before starting any exercise programme if you have osteoporosis and are unsure how your diagnosis may affect what you can or can’t do. Wear comfortable flat shoes or trainers and comfortable clothes. Make sure you have enough space to move and that the room temperature is set to make sure you will not be too hot or too cold. Always use gentle excises to warm up before you begin your main exercise.

Our next speaker was Anna Cater, who spoke to the group about water based exercise as opposed to land based. This is one of the best ways to exercise for osteoporosis sufferers. It builds confidence, because you cannot hurt yourself in water. You apply forces to your bones through weight bearing, which helps improve muscle strength. Exercise in water helps give you more flexibility, range of movement, posture, strength and mobility.

Our final speaker was Sally Goldup, who gave our members an overview of the new Fracture Liaison Service that will be starting in the Hastings area soon. 

The afternoon concluded with members chatting over a cup of tea and biscuits.

Fracture Liaison Service Update – October 2017

Sally Goldup gave a general update on how the service is going and about the new DXA for Hastings. She then answered questions that members raised and talked about the medications. The members were joined by our Rheumatology Nurse Elly Fielder, Biologist Nurse Debbie Wood and the Hastings committee.

It was a very useful meeting, which the members thoroughly enjoyed. The afternoon finished with tea and biscuits.

29 members and guests attended our Christmas lunch at the Sussex Coast College. The students treated us to a superb 3 course lunch, rounded off with coffee and mince pies.

Everyone had an enjoyable time, with the Christmas raffle raising £90.

Christmas at the Hydro Pool - December 2017

Hastings & Area hydro members enjoying some Christmas cheer!

Programme for 2018 to follow

The Launch of the new DXA Scanner

The Hastings & Area Osteoporosis Support Group is extremely excited to announce the launch of a new DXA Scanner service for NHS patients in Hastings. Please see attached photo. 

Retired Rheumatology Consultant Dr Ed Henderson, who initially identified the need for this service some 15 years ago, was present to cut the ribbon. The group’s committee were also in attendance together with; Prina Patel, Radiographer Diagnostic, Teo Vogiartis, Rheumatology Specialist Nurse, Elly Fielder and Fracture Prevention Assistant, Karen Crossan. 

Hastings & Area Osteoporosis Support Group Local Ambassador Polly Evans (BBC South East Today), was unable to attend, but said” Congratulations on the new scanner for Hastings, what a tribute to the efforts of you and other local campaigners. A much needed service. Good luck on the 26th January!”

Programme 2018

Friday 26th January
Dexa Launch
Place: Station Plaza, Hastings
Monday 19th March
Medication and Osteoporosis
Janki Patel, Pharmacist, Conquest Hospital
Place:The White Rock Hotel, Hastings, TN34 1JU
NB:Booking Essential as places are limited

Monday 21st May
Prina Patel, Radiographer Diagnostic
Place:The White Rock Hotel, Hastings, TN34 1JU
Time: 2.30pm
NB:Booking Essential as places are limited

Monday 16th July
Tai Chi
Mark Long, 
Place:The White Rock Hotel, Hastings, TN34 1JU
NB:Booking Essential as places are limited

Monday 3rd September
Osteoporosis: “Your Questions Answered”
Place:White Rock Hotel, Hastings, TN34 1JU
Booking Essential as places are limited
NB:A short Group Update will be given before the talk

Monday 22nd October
World Osteoporosis Day
Fund Raising Event - All the Fun of the Fair!
Post Fracture Management of Osteoporosis
Sally Goldup, Fracture Liaison Specialist Nurse
Place:The White Rock Hotel, Hastings, TN34 1JU
Time: 2.30pm 
NB:Booking Essential as places are limited         

Friday 30th November
Christmas Lunch
Place:Sussex Coast College, Hastings
Time:12.30 for 1pm
Cost: TBA - Booking Essential as places are limited
NB:Christmas Raffle

Message from the Team

We welcome you again and look forward to sharing our events in 2018.

2017 was a very exciting time for us when we had the introduction of two new Services, which will be of great support to our members. There is now a new DXA Scanner based in the Station Plaza and a new Fracture Liaison Service running at The Conquest Hospital. The Team is pleased to have been involved in the discussion processes and we have established good working relationships with all concerned. Also new, are the Hydro Pool sessions at the Conquest Hospital, which are proving very popular.

After three years Margit has decided to step down as Chair. We are all very grateful to Margit for her support and wish her well in her retirement; no doubt we will see her at some meetings.

We are delighted to welcome Dr Edward Henderson, whom some of you will know, as our new Chair and Dr Binodh, who will be joining the team as our new Medical Advisor. Dr Binodh, GP at Little Common Surgery and is Hastings and Rother CCG lead for Diabetes and Musculoskeletal Conditions.

We shall continue with our Fundraising and Awareness Days, looking for ways to develop partnerships with others, such as doctors’ surgeries and Care Homes, to make more people aware of what we can offer as a local support group. If you can help the team in any way to continue to raise our profile, then please let us know. Being a Team member is fun and not onerous!

With best wishes to you all