Leeds Support Group

Support Group meetings are held on the first Wednesday in the month (except Jan/Aug) at:

Oxford Place Methodist Church & Centre (next to the Town Hall) The Headrow, Leeds LS1 3AX

Meetings are held from 2:00pm - 4:00pm.

For more information on this support group, please contact:

Jill Beaumont Development Manager, Northern England

Telephone/fax: 01423 779662 Email: j.beaumont@nos.org.uk

2017 Programme

Wednesday 1st February
Physiotherapy in the NHS
Catherine McLean, Senior Physiotherapist, Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust

Wednesday 1st March
Dementia Awareness
Laura Taggart

Wednesday 5th April
Massage and Aromatherapy
Teresa O’Driscoll

Wednesday 3rd May
Leeds Older People and Time to Shine Projects
Hanna Wilcock

Wednesday 7th June
Nathan Reynolds

Wednesday 5th July
Leeds Bereavement Forum
Jane Robinson

Wednesday 6th September
Hip Fracture Care in Leeds
Julie-Ann Parkinson
Fragility Fracture Specialist Nurse

Wednesday 4th October
Exercise and Osteoporosis
Pat Sumner, Chartered Physiotherapist

Friday 3rd November
Update on Osteoporosis, drugs, treatments and interpretation of DXA scans
Dr Steve Orme, Consultant Endocrinologist, Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust

Wednesday 6th December
Annual General Meeting and Christmas Party