Liverpool Support Group

This support group meets 4 times a year at 2pm at:

Lecture Theatre, Education Centre, Royal Liverpool Hospital, Prescot Street, Liverpool, L7 8XP

For further information regarding meetings please contact: 

Patricia Ireland: 01704 808891


Gina Meyer, Regional Development Manager  on 07712524880, or email

2017 Programme

Thursday March 23rd
Fashion, Flair & Fractures
How to deal with body shape changes. Suzanne Hewitt, NOS Ambassador, speaking from personal experience

Thursday June 22nd
Annual Medical Update on Osteoporosis.
Dr Eileen Marks, our President
Consultant Physician Royal Liverpool University Hospital.

Thursday 21st September
Managing Hip Fractures and Hip Replacements
Miss Phillipa Thorpe
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
Royal Liverpool University Hospital.


Annual Medical Update 22nd June 2017

The Meeting was well attended with 39 people coming to the Public meeting with some new members joining the Liverpool support group that day.

Dr Eileen Marks, our President and Consultant Physician at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital came to talk to us, and present her Annual medical update.

Dr Marks gave an excellent and very informative presentation, not just talking about Osteoporosis the condition it self, but also about new treatments that may be given in the way of medication in the future. It was also good to hear some new information. 

Dr Marks also spoke and advised us about looking for the right sort of information out there and how care should be taken about not taking too many supplements, particularly Vitamin D.

But how important it was  to continue with  a healthy diet and the impact it would on the condition.So by us eating more healthily to meet our needs in the way of a healthy living

We had our popular raffle took place and some very nice prizes were won.

The question and answer session was really interesting and Dr Marks took questions from the audience taking her time in giving answers to questions that were raised.

This was well received by the audience and when the meeting was finished Dr Marks took some time out to speak to visitors after the meeting when she came back to join us, to have some biscuits and enjoy a well earned cup of tea.

Our next meeting takes place on Thursday the 21st September

When Miss Phillipa Thorpe, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon will give a presentation on:

Managaging Hip Fractures and Hip Replacements