Liverpool Support Group

This support group meets 4 times a year at 2pm at:

Lecture Theatre, Education Centre, Royal Liverpool Hospital, Prescot Street, Liverpool, L7 8XP

For further information regarding meetings please contact: 

Patricia Ireland: 01704 808891

2017 Programme

Thursday March 23rd
Fashion, Flair & Fractures
How to deal with body shape changes. Suzanne Hewitt, NOS Ambassador, speaking from personal experience

Thursday June 22nd
Annual Medical Update on Osteoporosis.
Dr Eileen Marks, our President
Consultant Physician Royal Liverpool University Hospital.

Thursday 21st September
Managing Hip Fractures and Hip Replacements
Miss Phillipa Thorpe
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
Royal Liverpool University Hospital.


Spring Meeting of the Liverpool Osteoporosis Support Group

On Thursday the 23rd March, we held the first of our public meetings at the Royal Liverpool hospital.

When the Liverpool Osteoporosis Support group came together for the afternoon for the first meeting of he year to be held as part of our ongoing programme of events.

31 people attended the public event that day with the presentation taking place in the education centre lecture theatre.

We know that there are a number of things we can do to improve our bone health such as eating a well balanced diet and doing plenty of weight bearing exercise. 

But what else can we do to help and support our selves.  The meeting promised to be an exciting presentation by Suzanne Hewitt a NOS Ambassador, speaking from personal experience about fashion Flair and Osteoporosis and how it affects our changing shape.

Coming together as the Liverpool support group, we had an amazing and inspirational meeting that afternoon when Suzanne Hewitt NOS Society ambassador and former model came to speak to us giving a wonderful presentation within an informal setting.

The presentation chosen by Suzanne gave a subject close to our hearts a talk on "Fashion Flair and fractures.

We were not disappointed at the public meeting, when as a group we were mesmerised both by the subject matter, presentation skills and fashion flair know how shown by Suzanne.

Presented to us in a practical down to earth manner.

I am sure everyone would have taken something away from the presentation and some very practical valuable fashion tips and ideas were shown to us.

The event was very successful and I am sure many fashion ideas and tips were taken away to be put to excellent use in the future.

The highlight of the event was when Suzanne gave a very practical and impromptu fashion show using some of the clothes that she had brought along for the day. And to pass on some wonderful advice gained through her own personal experience.

 Suzanne spoke with a passion and understanding, and a zest for life. As Suzanne explained this is not always easy when you are learning to come to terms with your own changing shape due to the resulting changes in the skeleton from the longer term Osteoporosis.

So we were shown lots of tips and pointers for us to try if we wished, with a new sense of fashion and FUN know how, but given from a personal point of view.

For attendees they were also presented with and given a confidence boost in many ways with the way shown to us with a sense of flair fashion and flourish for our own personal use and to experiment with for ourselves in the future.

Everyone on the day was also given a free copy of the NOS booklet about clothing after the presentation finished and the meeting and group then reconvened in the education foyer for a welcome question and answer session over a cup of tea and cake.

The question and answer session with Susanne got everyone excited.


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