Study looks at effectiveness of screening for osteoporosis

08 Nov 2016

A study looking at if it would be effective to introduce screening to reduce fractures in older women has concluded that, although there is no evidence that overall fracture rates could be significantly reduced, there is evidence that hip fractures could be reduced.

The SCOOP study, which is being carried out by scientists at the University of East Anglia and being presented at the National Osteoporosis Society’s Osteoporosis 2016 Conference today, aims to help us understand whether or not we should screen for osteoporosis.

Speaking at the Conference, Professor Lee Shepstone of Norwich Medical School, said the study looked at data on women aged 70-85 not already taking bone protecting treatment and used FRAX as a fracture risk assessment tool.

The results of the study have showed no significant reduction in overall fracture rates but a higher than expected reduction in hip fracture rates.

Professor Shepstone said he and his colleagues were currently working on data on the cost effectiveness of screening.

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