We need your questions about osteoporosis and exercise

16 Jun 2017

The National Osteoporosis Society is working to develop a Consensus Statement for health professionals about exercise and osteoporosis.

The new statement will be used to help standardise the information that people living with osteoporosis receive about the best exercises and physical activity to safely strengthen bones. It will also help the National Osteoporosis Society to produce new publications and web based resources on exercise for you to use, based on the best evidence and expertise

We’re calling the project Strong, Straight and Steady, and we’d like you to get involved.

We’d like to know if you have a particular question about safe exercise and osteoporosis you’d like answered. Perhaps you want to know if brisk walking can help strengthen bones in your spine or if it’s safe to start jogging if you have low bone density?

Whatever your question, let us know. Your views will help us develop a really useful tool.

Thank you for your interest, we have now finished collecting your questions about osteoporosis and exercise.

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