A new vision for osteoporosis research

02 Oct 2017

The Charity is pleased to announce that it has now launched its new Research Strategy and grants round.

The new strategy is the result of extensive consultation with academics, clinicians and people living with osteoporosis, and clearly outlines what the Charity wants to achieve through research over the coming years - and how it plans to achieve it.

We know research holds the key to the diagnosis, prevention, treatment and, one day, cure for osteoporosis, and this strategy reiterates the continued and central importance that research has within the Charity.

Our commitment to invest in research that makes a real difference wouldn’t be possible without fantastic and dedicated supporters like you. Over the past 30 years, the National Osteoporosis Society has invested over £5.2 million in over 130 research projects.

Research Strategy front cover

Our researchers have greatly enhanced our knowledge and understanding of osteoporosis, which has led to real improvements in people’s lives. Despite these significant advances there are still questions that desperately need to be answered.

We will bring today’s researchers together to share ideas and help tomorrow’s top researchers get started, through various funding opportunities. Read the strategy to find out how we will give researchers at all stages of their career the support they need to do great, life-changing work.

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Call for research proposals

Launched alongside the strategy, our new grants round will provide up to £150,000 to researchers undertaking projects in osteoporosis research.

Ten core research areas have been identified that support progress against the Charity’s mission to Prevent, Care, Support and Cure osteoporosis.

Our funding options cover a wide range of activity, from pilot studies to pioneering research projects and we are supporting various research grant funding schemes.

If you are - or someone you know is - an osteoporosis researcher looking for funding to test cutting-edge hypotheses, to undertake a pioneering research project or to take the next step in your research career – we want to hear from you.

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