What do patients want from osteoporosis health services?

25 Oct 2017

People affected by osteoporosis want four important things from health service providers, a new research study has found – reflecting previous research carried out by the National Osteoporosis Society.

The review of existing studies published all over the world examined the views of patients accessing osteoporosis health services, identifying what their perceived wants and needs were. The research identified four key areas as most important for patients:

Doctor with patient

It was found that patients want medical practitioners to communicate well and offer appointments with enough time to provide adequate information.


Pharmacist and patient

It also showed that patients think access to medication for osteoporosis is important, but need a better understanding of how to administer their medication and want to know more about the potential side-effects.


Physiotherapist and patient

In addition, patients felt health professionals should have a holistic approach to their care, placing importance on areas such as exercise and vitamin supplements.


Doctor and patient

The fourth key area highlighted the importance of ongoing evaluation of bone health, including diagnostic tests to examine the efficacy of their treatment plan.

The summary of the findings may help to improve osteoporosis care in the future, enabling health services to develop with a more patient-centred focus, the report said.

The study echoes findings from previous research conducted by the National Osteoporosis Society; the 2015 survey A Good Life with Osteoporosis showed that people with osteoporosis felt there were several key activities the Charity should focus on, including educating health professionals, funding research, raising awareness and providing information.

Fizz Thompson, Clinical Director for the National Osteoporosis Society, welcomed the report, saying: “Ensuring that people with osteoporosis have access to the services they need is a top priority for the National Osteoporosis Society. We are working hard to achieve this, through working in partnership with health professionals and by influencing health service policy across the UK.”

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