Supporter Spotlight: Helen Hodges

11 Apr 2018

Help support our inspirational, creative and entrepreneurial fundraiser Helen, who is going the extra mile in her ‘marathon’ fundraising efforts for the charity.

Challenge: Virgin Money London Marathon 2018

When: April 22nd 2018

Where: London

Inspiration: When we asked 48-year-old Helen about her inspiration for supporting the National Osteoporosis Society, she replied, “me”!

In her 20s, Helen slipped and broke her wrist. Realising it was a bad break for a simple fall, her doctor sent her for further investigation. It was found that an early menopause had caused Helen’s bone health to deteriorate.

Helen Hodges

Though she was shocked to be diagnosed with osteoporosis at such a young age, Helen considers herself “lucky” not to have broken any more bones since.

“Aside from taking a tablet every day, osteoporosis has not affected my day-to-day life so far. But I know this isn’t the case for many others with the condition, for whom the National Osteoporosis Society provides vital information and support. I want to show my solidarity by raising awareness of the condition, and funds for the charity.”

Helen is also mindful of her own future with the condition. “As I get older, I am increasingly aware that I may soon need help from the National Osteoporosis Society,” she says. “I may benefit from the developments in research since I was diagnosed, or take advantage of the charity’s wonderful information and support services.”

A bit of background: Aside from hormone replacement therapy, Helen credits improvements in her bone health to a balanced diet and regular exercise.

“I enjoy running because not only is it a good form of weight-bearing exercise for my bones, it’s also a great place to think and it challenges me to achieve more.”

Wanting to do something more to reach her fundraising target of £1,700, Helen decided to turn her hand to crafting.

“I’ve run a lot of races for charity over the last few years. There’s only so many times you can ask people for sponsorship,” Helen says. “I’ve always enjoyed crafting things, so I thought it would be a wonderful idea to make things in return for donations. As well as raising funds, it also gives people something to remind them of the great work the charity does.”

National Osteoporosis Society t-shirt bag
Race day t-shirt bags

Helen recycles old t-shirts to make bags

Helen began by making her friends’ old running t-shirts into shopping bags. Her range of creations has now grown to include other bags, button art pictures, gift boxes and cuddly elephants – which Helen says have been “very popular.”

Button pictures
Gift boxes

Button pictures and gift boxes crafted by Helen

“I’ll make anything I’m asked to in return for a donation, if I can,” adds Helen. “I’ve accepted a number of requests through my Facebook page and recent commissions have included a Mother’s Day picture, a lunch bag, a couple of elephants and several bags made from old t-shirts.”

Cute and cuddly: Helen's popular scrap material elephants

“Training for the London Marathon and crafting are certainly very different. But I love a challenge, and my goal was to have fun while giving both my all. It’s working!”

You can sponsor Helen’s marathon challenge, by visiting her JustGiving page.

Support Helen

You can also browse Helen’s lovely creations - or commission your own - on her Crafting with Care for the National Osteoporosis Society Facebook page.

See more of Helen’s creations

You can get involved too!

We rely on the support and generosity of people like you to fund our vital work and the essential services we provide. Together, we can build a brighter future for people affected by osteoporosis and fragile bones.

From marathon runs and daredevil stunts, to coffee mornings and community fundraisers, there are plenty of ways that you can get involved to help make a real difference to those living in the UK with osteoporosis.

Browse all the ways to get involved.

Got your own unique idea for a fundraising event? Get in touch

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