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13 Apr 2018

Here at the National Osteoporosis Society we’re busy preparing for some new data protection laws which come into force this May 25th. These new laws are really important and mean we need you to confirm how you’d like to hear from us in the future and that we will not be able to email or write to you unless you have told us that we can. These new laws will come into force, regardless what happens with Brexit. 

Our data protection team - Juliette and Sarah - have been busy making sure everything is in order before the big day, but they managed to spare a few minutes to let us know why it’s so important for you to let us know how you want us to keep in touch.

Juliette and Sarah from the National Osteoporosis Society

Juliette (left) and Sarah from the National Osteoporosis Society say that the new data protection laws give people more rights over their personal data 

What are these new laws all about, and why are they so important?

"The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the European Union’s new data privacy law. It comes into effect in a few weeks and, when it does, it’ll be the most comprehensive data privacy law in the world. It affects how charities, companies and all sorts of other organisations collect and handle personal data about their supporters and customers."

What do the new laws say?

"The new laws give people more rights over their personal data. They specifically give people the right to access, correct, delete, and restrict third parties processing their data."

"They also set out very strict guidelines about how organisations like the National Osteoporosis Society - who hold data - get supporters to agree how their data can be used. The new laws make it the responsibilities of the organisations that hold data to protect it."

Why is it important for our supporters to opt in and say that they do want us to stay in touch?

"If supporters don’t contact us and let us know how we can keep in touch, we won’t be able to let them know all the latest news about osteoporosis or the support that’s available from the National Osteoporosis Society in their local areas. We won’t be able to let them know how they can get involved in our campaigns, events and appeals. It would also mean they’d miss out on updates about how our research programme is improving the diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis. Letting us know how we can keep in touch also gives supporters greater control over how information is used."

Do our supporters need to be aware of anything else in terms of these new laws?

"Yes! They do need to know that whatever decisions they make about how we keep in touch, if they are members of the charity, they will continue to receive membership benefits such as Osteoporosis News magazine."

"They also need to know that we will continue to take good care of their information and ensure it is kept securely and only used for the purpose for which it was provided."

What do our supporters need to do now?

"They need to have a think about how they’d like to hear from us. We’ve written to them and sent them a form to complete so they can let us know how they’d prefer to be contacted. We really hope they’ll tick as many boxes as possible, so we’ll be able to stay in touch and tell them about how their support is helping people all over the country and how they can get involved with supporting our work in the future. They can also update their preferences online or by calling 01761 473287. If they have any specific questions, they can also email us at"

Let us know how you'd like to hear from us

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