Fracture patients should be “assessed by an FLS within 90 days” says new guidance

04 Jun 2018

People over 50 who have broken a bone should be assessed by an Fracture Liaison Service and had a DEXA scan within 90 days of being diagnosed with a fragility fracture, new guidance from the Royal College of Physicians has said.

The guidance, which comes as part of some newly issued resources from the RCP designed to support older people who have broken a bone after a fall, highlights the important role played by Fracture Liaisons Services.

The Strong bones after 50 booklet and short film, which were developed in association with the National Osteoporosis Society, also contain advice on what assessments and treatments to expect, a list of questions for patients to ask after breaking a bone and advice on what the patient can do to help themselves.

Dr Kassim Javaid, Clinical Lead for the RCP said it was important that Health professionals worked together so that patients get the care and support they should be getting from the NHS to try to stop the next broken bone.

“It is great to see this guide and video produced by patients for patients, their family and carers. By giving clear information about bone health and falls prevention, we hope that people will see how important it is to have these checks after a broken bone and have the confidence to approach their doctor and other health professional if they don’t.”

Fizz Thompson, Clinical Director of the National Osteoporosis Society welcomed the new resources.

“Patients who have suffered a fragility fracture are at higher risk of breaking another bone, therefore it’s important they are seen by an FLS as soon as they can. The National Osteoporosis Society is working hard in partnership with the NHS to improve access to these important services and we hope that this guide leads to great awareness of what the best care after a fracture looks like.”

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