Meet our volunteers: Janet Turner

06 Jun 2018

We're in awe of our army of National Osteoporosis Society volunteers, all across the UK. They work tirelessly to ensure people in their community get the information and support they need to confidently manage their condition.

Janet Turner from Hastings plays a crucial role on the committee of her local support group. She and the rest of the her support group colleagues act as the charity's feet on the ground - helping us to connect with people all over the area.

We talked to Janet to find out more... 

Members of the Hastings and Area Support Group

Janet (right) with fellow committee member Liz, collecting a cheque from their local ASDA store.

How did you get involved in your local group?

"I was diagnosed with osteopenia some years ago and found the local group. A couple of years after joining, the group nearly folded because there was no secretary, so I stepped in temporarily. Over ten years later, I'm still here!"

What kinds of things do you do for the group?

"I look after the admin side of things, together with being the main contact for the group. I organise and book speakers for our Medical Update talks, help to arrange study days for healthcare professionals, and organise annual osteoporosis awareness days."

What are you most proud of?

"A year ago we began arranging weekly hydrotherapy sessions at the local hospital for our Hastings and Area Support Group members. Everyone absolutely loves it and feels all the better for it. Not only does it help to relax tight muscles and joints, but it's a fantastic social event, which encourages people to go out and meet new people.

"Also, after 15 years of campaigning for a local DEXA scanner, a new scanning service was launched this spring. Until now, wait times for appointments were long, and people living in Hastings were forced to travel a 60 mile round trip for their scans - which was for some people a long and difficult journey, particularly those with severe osteoporosis. We were delighted that the hard work paid off and members of our local community now have access to this much needed service. "

What's the best thing about being a support group committee member?

"I've learnt a lot, made friends and met some lovely people. I've always enjoyed helping others and I really enjoy what I do."

What message would you give to others who are thinking about getting involved in the running of a local support group?

"It's well worthwhile for the friends you will make and because of what you'll get out of it. It's great to be able to help people and be part of a team."

For more information about setting up your own Support Group, contact Rachel Smith on 01761 473253 or email

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