How you can raise awareness this World Osteoporosis Day

17 Oct 2018

This Saturday is World Osteoporosis Day. Can you help raise more awareness of osteoporosis and bone health?

October 20

It's surprising how few people know they can take action to help their bones stay stronger for longer.

As a supporter of the charity, you are one of the nation's experts on the importance of good bone health.

Here are three ways you can share your wisdom this World Osteoporosis Day.

1. Share our World Osteoporosis Day webpage with your family and friends

Webpage showing on mobiles and tablets

The webpage explains what osteoporosis is, its impact, and how your loved ones can reduce their risk by living well for their bones.

You could share the page on social media, by email or word-of-mouth.

Here's the address you can share:

If you share it on social media, use the hashtag #WorldOsteoporosisDay to be a part of the conversation.

Visit the webpage



2. Take the bone health pledge

Grandmother tells granddaughter about bone health

Can you pledge to find someone under the age of 30 and tell them about bone health?

Join hundreds of other supporters who've pledged for World Osteoporosis Day, and help the younger generations take action now for their bones.

Pledging is easy, and costs nothing more than your time:

  1. Visit
  2. Click 'Yes, I pledge', to make your pledge count
  3. Tell someone under 30


Take the pledge



3. Use our infographics about the impact of osteoporosis to start conversations about bone health

We're posting these graphics this week on Facebook and Twitter, in the lead up to World Osteoporosis Day.

Visit our pages to share the posts with your friends and followers, or save a graphic from below to post it yourself.

More than 3 million people in the UK are estimated to have osteoporosis

It is estimated that every year in the UK there are more than 500,000 broken bones caused by osteoporosis.

One in five women who have broken a bone will break three or more before being diagnosed.

One in four people with osteoporosis who were of working age at diagnosis have had to give up their work, change their job or reduce their hours.

Thank you for helping raise awareness of osteoporosis and bone health. It's people like you who can make the difference.

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