Project Grant

The purpose of each grant is to support an established UK osteoporosis researcher to undertake a pioneering research project that is designed to answer a single question or a group of related questions.


Principal Applicants must be based at a university, postgraduate institute, medical school, NHS trust or Health Board in the UK or other British Islands. However, co-applicants and collaborators may be based at institutions outside the UK.

Principal Applicants must hold an employment contract at the institution that they are applying from, which covers the proposed duration of the grant.

Applications for any one grant round will be restricted to one per principal applicant.

If the project requires ethical approval, the award is dependent upon the requisite approvals being granted.

Useful Dates

  • Project Grant scheme launch: 2nd October 2017
  • Stage 1 application submission deadline: 9am, 8th January 2017.
  • Applicants will be notified of a Stage 1 decision in early February 2018
  • Stage 2 application submission deadline: 9am, 2nd April 2018
  • Applicants will be notified of a final decision in late July 2018

What is offered

Project Grants provide up to £150,000 over a maximum of three years.

The Charity will only fund direct costs in line with the AMRC policy. This may include: salaries (applicants, scientific/technical assistant but excluding PhD students), material and consumables, collaborative travel and essential equipment. All costs must be fully justified within the application.

The Charity will consider “top up” funding, when a grant is awarded to supplement funds that have already been secured by another funder in order to support ambitious projects.

This scheme is not designed to cover phase II/III clinical trials and drug discovery or development.

The Charity does not fund animal research.

How to apply

The application process consists of two stages. In the first stage an expression of interest is submitted, in the form of a short outline application. Successful applicants at this stage will be invited to Stage 2 and asked to complete a more detailed application. Please read the following National Osteoporosis Society documents before completing a full Stage 1 application:

  • Research Grants Programme Overview
  • Research Strategy
  • Research Grant Terms and Conditions
  • Research Code of Conduct
  • Animals in Research Policy

All our grants are reviewed by people affected by osteoporosis, so we recommend applicants involve the perspective of people affected by the condition in developing their application and have a clear plan for public and patient involvement and engagement (PPIE), for the best chance of success.

The indicative costs section is intended to be an approximation and does not require institutional approval at this stage. However, please ensure that the costs are realistic as large differences between Stage 1 and 2 applications may reduce the likelihood of the Stage 2 application being funded.

Applications must be made on the official Stage 1 application form and must be submitted electronically to prior to the submission deadline.


Stage 1 application form

Project Grants Summary

Research Grants Process Overview

Research Strategy

Research Grant Terms and Conditions

Research Code of Conduct

Animals in Research Policy


Contact Information

Please contact the National Osteoporosis Society on 01761 473125 or e-mail the Charity at if you have any questions relating to the scheme or your eligibility for the scheme.